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One day when I was driving to work, my car was side swiped by another large vehicle. Although I was lucky enough to walk away from the incident, the other drivers weren't as lucky, and one of them actually passed away. Since I wasn't at fault, I wasn't too worried about defending myself, which is why I was shocked to learn that the other drivers were suing me. Fortunately, my accident attorney helped to prove my innocence, which saved me thousands of dollars in the long run. This blog is all about the importance of working with the right legal team and proving your innocence.


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Suing An Insurance Company For Car Crash Injuries: What You Need To Know

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be a very frustrating process. It is often a waiting game when you are waiting on an insurance company to process your claim. If you think you may want to file a lawsuit against the insurer of the driver that caused your accident, you will have to take even more time to prove you were substantially injured. It is difficult to determine exactly how much money you should receive for pain and suffering. The following are some things you need to know if you are going this route.

There is No Magic Formula

Many people may assume that the insurance company uses a formula to determine how much compensations an injured party should receive for pain and suffering. Unlike other methods used by insurance companies to determine damages, calculating pain and suffering has nothing to do with any type of formula.

One formula does not fit all the different type of accidents, especially car accidents. They vary so much so that it is not possible to create one formula that will fit all accidents. Instead, they will base on people individually, the type of accident that occurred, the injuries caused, and other crucial pieces of information. Every piece of information will be carefully evaluated to determine how much the injured party should receive.

Your Length of Recovery Time Can Affect Your Compensation

Generally, the longer it takes you to recover from your injuries sustained in a car accident, the more money you should receive. This will require a good amount of evidence from you. If you chose not to seek medical treatment right away or at all, the insurance company will not attach as much value to your injuries. Failing to get medical treatment could cause you not to get any money at all. To prove the time that you are down with injuries, the best piece of evidence is your medical records, including a statement from your physician stating how long you are to take to recover.

The Proof the Insurance Company Will Need to Calculate Your Compensation

To get awarded fairly, you need to provide several pieces of information. All of the corresponding medical records pertaining to your injuries are crucial to getting fairly compensated. You can also submit photos of your injuries, photos of your damaged vehicle, proof that you had to take leave from your job, the costs of your medication, the cost of any therapy you need, and the like.

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