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One day when I was driving to work, my car was side swiped by another large vehicle. Although I was lucky enough to walk away from the incident, the other drivers weren't as lucky, and one of them actually passed away. Since I wasn't at fault, I wasn't too worried about defending myself, which is why I was shocked to learn that the other drivers were suing me. Fortunately, my accident attorney helped to prove my innocence, which saved me thousands of dollars in the long run. This blog is all about the importance of working with the right legal team and proving your innocence.


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How To Receive Compensation After An Injury Caused By A Negligent Chiropractor

When you turn to a chiropractor for help, you hope that they will be able to adequately treat your spinal cord injury. However, you might discover that the chiropractor instead treats you in a manner that leads to your spinal cord becoming even more injured because of the actions they took. You might be a victim of negligence and be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

How Chiropractors Cause Injuries

There are several reasons why a chiropractor can cause you to become injured. For one, they might perform spinal manipulation incorrectly. This can lead to a spinal injury. Chiropractic care is generally safe and effective, but some chiropractors make mistakes and cause patients to become injured.

Standard of Care

To receive compensation, you must show that the chiropractor didn't follow the standard of care that a chiropractor expects. A chiropractor has a duty of care. This means that they are expected to behave as a reasonable chiropractor would.

Warning Signs of a Negligent Chiropractor

You might notice that the chiropractor did not perform the typical chiropractor's examination. The chiropractor may have used too much force when performing the treatment. Even if they did treat you, the chiropractor might not have provided adequate follow-up treatments.

Working with an Attorney

If you are wondering if the chiropractor was negligent, speaking with a personal injury attorney with experience with these cases is essential. Your attorney will inform you of whether you have a claim and what steps you should take to proceed with your case. 

How to Follow a Claim

A chiropractor will usually carry malpractice insurance. You can begin the claim by contacting the office of the malpractice insurance provider. You must provide information about the incident and the injuries that you have suffered. To prove that you were injured, you must provide adequate documentation. 

The malpractice insurance company will investigate your claim to determine whether they agree that your claim is supported by the evidence. If they believe that your claim has no merit, they might choose to deny it. With medical malpractice claims, the chiropractor also has a say in whether your claim is denied. 

How to Negotiate a Better Settlement

With a claim denial, the negotiations aren't over. Your personal injury attorney can negotiate a settlement with an insurance provider to help you receive compensation for your injuries. They will then help you if you must also take your case to court.